Your job as Shire Captain of Archers

Don’t panic!

You’ve got this, just think, you’ve been elected so your local group are already behind you. Try to have fun. Often having a deputy to assist in the office can help with this.


As Captain of Archers you are probably an an Archery Marshal, but if not don’t worry. We do recommend that you keep in regular touch with a marshal to ensure that skillset is available to you and your Group. Your job is to

  • serve as the point of contact to the Lieutenant General of Archers.
  • to be a champion of all things archery related in your area and to organise or help archery activities
  • to ensure that all archery activities in your Group have a Marshal in attendance.
  • to report to the Lieutenant General of Archers. Reports should contain information about all archery events and archery related activities held in the branch as well as a list of the active archers.


Send in a report once every three months. Ask for extra time or help with any part of it if you want. Reports need to be submitted to your local group Seneschal and the Principality Lieutenant General of Archers by the 15th of January, April, July and October.