Life in these current Middle Ages

Ever wonder what it was like to fight in armour? To shoot a bow from a castle window? To learn how to make clothes right from preparing the wool to final embroidery or illuminate text on parchment? If you've even a passing interest in medieval arts & crafts, medieval cookery & brewing, heraldry & arms, fencing or just historical research, we do all of this, and so much more in the Society for Creative Anachronism!

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The Baelfyr is a monthly newsletter produced by the Insulae Draconis Chronicler as a publication of Insulae Draconis, of the SCA UK CIC. All new members who sign up for membership with the CIC are automatically added the subscription service. The newsletter is in electronic format and delivered by email. It contains news and events for the month, useful articles and messages from the Prince and Princess or various officers. You can request to be included by emailing the chronicler


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Learn new skills!

Whether your heart wishes for the clash of swords or the thrill of your arrow striking true in the gold, or whether it wishes to discover the secrets of artisans, thinkers and builders from Medieval period, we can help

Armoured Combat

Develop knightly combat skills with chivalry and honour, and fight for your inspiration for the Coronet


Learn and hone your skills so that you will always hit your mark

Arts and Sciences

Learn the secrets of medieval artisans and scientists and how we create their work or continue their research

Historical fencing

Learn to sword fight in style, the way it was really done

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