Jahanara Suren


Roland of Follifoote 
Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis
Their Highnesses seek to enable the joy of every member and guest to our fair Principality by safeguarding a place in which all can thrive, practicing what they love best and providing the opportunity to explore new challenges.
Regarding food
Her Highness can only tolerate milk in small quantities. Her Highness can no longer tolerate caffeine, but you may see her enjoying a cunningly disguised caffeine free substitute, or occasionally deciding coffee is worth the sides effects. Her Highness enjoys sweets, especially sweet meads, liquors. His Highness has no food restrictions, but is drawn to savory flavors over sweet.

From His Highness

I am especially interested in the natural sciences as understood in period and welcome any discussion, project, display or experiment that explores this topic.

Royal Progress

Events their Highnesses are planning to attend are marked with a Crown icon in the Principality Calendar.

Royal Court and retinue

Principality Protectors

Archery Protector Viscount Yannick of Normandy
Armoured Combat Protector Count Avery Westfall
Arts & Sciences Protector Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina
Rapier Protector Lady Angelica Andegavensis
Equestrian Protector Lady Elisabeth Hardyng

Household & Retinue

West Chamberlain Lord Aodháin Dhá Cheist
East Chamberlain Lord Meliton
Major Domo Lord Kenneth Elliot
Major Domo Dominic of Flintheath
Armoured Champion The Honourable Lord Mícheál Breathnach
Rapier Champion Lady Bella Donna
Arts & Sciences Champion Mistress Elen Benet
Archery Champion Lady Alays de Lunel
Equestrian Champion Phil of Flintheath
Court Astrologer Mistress Ysabella-Maria de San Lázaro
Royal Cartographer Viscount Yannick of Normandy


Coronet Nicholas Comet Born
Eisteddfod Viscount Ranulf Li Norreis
Eisteddfod Lord Meliton the Artisan
March Lune-acy Viscountess Valda ingen Chaemgin
March Lune-acy Lady Hildr Mikjállsdóttir & Lord Auron the White Wolf
Flaming Arrow The Honourable Lord Mícheál Breathnach
Bourn Again! Lady Bella Donna
Strawberry Raid II Lady Alays de Lunel
Strawberry Raid II The Honourable Lord Mícheál Breathnach
Drachenwald 30 Year Celebration & Coronation The Honourable Lord Mícheál Breathnach & Lady Alays de Lunel
Eplaheimr Baronial Investiture The Honourable Lord Mícheál Breathnach
Ormþing Viscount Duncan Forbes & Master Alexander of Derlington
Michaelmas Lord Roland of Follifoote
Coronet The Honourable Lord Mícheál Breathnach & Lady Alays de Lunel


Coronet Dominic of Flintheath
Eisteddfod Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirinikina
March Lune-acy Amy of Osgoldcross
Flaming Arrow Lady Shannon of Oak of Honour Hill
Drachenwald 30 Year Celebration & Coronation The Honourable Lady Marcella di Cavallino & Lord Meliton
Eplaheimr Baronial Investiture Lord Meliton
Ormþing Phil of Flintheath, Lord Meliton, Captain Kenneth, Dominic of Flintheath & Leif Ranulfsson
Michaelmas Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina, Viscount Yannick of Normandy & Lady Bella Donna


Coronet Lady Shirin Peroz-Duxt
Eisteddfod The Honourable Lord Maredudd ap Gwylim
March Lune-acy Mistress Arianhwy Wen
Flaming Arrow Lord Aodháin Dhá Cheist
Bourn Again! Lady Rebecca of Flintheath
Strawberry Raid II Lady Kytte of the Lake
Drachenwald 30 Year Celebration & Coronation Lord Aodháin Dhá Cheist
Eplaheimr Baronial Investiture Lord Aodháin Dhá Cheist
Ormþing Lady Shannon of Oak of Honour Hill & Count Avery Westfall
Michaelmas Viscount Joel Ben Stuart
Coronet Lord Aodháin Dhá Cheist

About the Coronets

The Coronets of Insulae Draconis (Princes, Princesses, or equal titles from other languages) represent the Crown of Drachenwald in the Principality. As such, they should be treated as any other royal couple in the Kingdom. In essence, be courteous and respectful of what they are representing and of the fact that their time often is not their own. Much of each event they attend will be spent officiating, being in meetings, or just listening to people's opinions. Read more about how to behave around the Coronets including at Court.

The Coronets will hold Court at most events at which they are in attendance. They may have announcements for public business but they also are responsible for bestowing Awards on members where the people of Insulae Draconis have recommended that a member should be so honoured. Insulae Draconis has many ways to reward people for hard work, skill and courtesy. You can read more about awards, check whether someone already has an award and then make an award recommendation

Our previous Coronets