Too long; didn’t read: a summary of the awards unique to Insulae Draconis. Submit a recommendation to the prince and princess using an online form.

The Prince and princess of Insulae Draconis have the pleasure and responsibility of recognising citizens of the principality for their excellence. The royals do this through awards, prsented at court.

In the  early days of the Crown Principality, Crown approval was granted to form ‘Companies of Merit’, memberships of which would be given unto those of the populace whose work and activities warrant recognition. These memberships would be granted at a Principality court and the memberships accepted duly recognised there.  Now the actual award Order names have been approved by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms for the Society, the members of the Companies have become founding members of the corresponding Orders, and the Companies dissolved thereafter. 

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Insulae Draconis orders

The Order of the Sun and Chalice

For Excellence and Example

The members of this Order are unique as they are thought to exemplify all the things in the Society to which we should aspire. This includes excellence in representing their persona, ability in skills displayed, courtesy, grace and guidance to those in need.

The Order of Robin

For courtesy

This Order was named in memory of Lord Robin Bowman of Dalriada – an ever-courteous and helpful individual, and premier of this Order.  Those member of this Order exemplify the courteous person of the Society, such courtesies arising at all opportunities, and to all people.

The Order of the Silver Martlet

For the arts and sciences

This Order’s members are recognised for their skills in the diverse Arts and Sciences within the Society; ranging from brewing to calligraphy, from embroidery to metalwork. Skill, a willingness to assist others by teaching or other forms of assistance and courtesy of behaviour are all factors in this membership.

The Order of the Fox

For the arts of war

This Order’s membership have been recognised for their skills in some or all of the fields of armoured combat, fencing, target or combat archery and thrown weapons.

The Order of Ffraid

For service

This Order’s membership have been recognised for their service to the Society and Insulae Draconis in particular, and for making our Current Middle Ages better.

The Order of Luna

For valued contribution in a finite length of time

It sometimes happens that people come to the Isles, have a big impact while they’re here, and then leave our shores. Whether they stay for a long time, or just visit for a short while, we want to recognize the legacy of their excellent work to make our Principality better.

The Order of St Hild

For teaching what you know

One of the strengths of the Society is how freely folks share their knowledge and craft. We have a lot of classes and chances to practice skills together, and many people take time and effort to improve the skills of others. This honour is for those people.

The Order of The Sun and Pearl

For contributing to the medieval magic at events

We’ve all experienced moments at events where a person or a group creates a space, or interacts, or somehow contributes in a way that transports us back in time. This award is to recognise those individuals or groups that create the ‘medieval moments’ - whether once or consistently over time - that fully take us out of our modern lives and leave us feeling like we’re living the history we try to recreate.

Order of the Winged Pouch

To recognise the work children do

Our kids have a place in this game, and are welcome, and this award is to recognise those children who dig in to take part and help make the Society better, to the best of their ability.

Remembering that all awards are in the gift of the royals, anyone can send a recommendation to their highnesses, or to their Majesties of Drachenwald. Use the recommendation form and fill it in with as much information as you can provide.