An award scroll

Saying thank you

Our Society runs on volunteer effort - we need people to volunteer to organise events, cook feasts, run tourneys, liaise with other Shires, keep our records, watch our accounts and welcome our newcomers. Volunteers undertake to learn fighting skills or a medieval art, craft of science and to pass their skills and enthisiasm to others. Awards in our Society exist primarily to thank volunteers officially for their good work and to acknowledge skill, enthusiasm and dedication.

While there are some awards that only the Crown or Coronet can bestow, you the people of Insulae Draconis can make your voice heard so that that worthy people of our fair Principality can be rewarded. The Prince and Princess rely on you to do so, as they cannot visit all events and see every activity. There are also Kingdom level awards - Kingdom of Drachenwald awards - those are bestowed by the King and Queen of Drachenwald. To recommend someone for an award (of either kind), go to the Order of Precedence.