Lyonet de Covenham She/Her
Contact: [email protected]


Valda ingen Chaemgin (Michelle Parker) She/Her
Contact: [email protected]


Alessandra di Riario d'Aretino (Lesley McIntee) She/Her
Contact: [email protected]

The Castellan, also known as the Chatelaine, is responsible a team of chatelaines who are charged with assisting newcomers find their way in Insulae Draconis. They are here to help, so don't be afraid to ask!

Minister of Arts and Sciences

No information available at this time.

Rockall Herald

Shirin Perot-duxt (Sarah Brider) Any
Contact: [email protected]

Rockall Herald is responsible for heralding and heraldry in Insulae Draconis.

Knight Marshal

Ranulf li Norreis (Aaron Thomasson) He/Him
Contact: [email protected]

The Knight Marshal oversees all aspects of armoured combat in Insulae Draconis.

Lieutenant General of Archers

Kier of Eplaheimr (Kieran Vele)
Contact: [email protected]

How to report

The Lieutenant General of Archers of Insulae Draconis oversees archery activities within Insulae Draconis.

Rapier Marshal

Esbiorn Jensson (David Cordes) He/his
Contact: [email protected]

The Rapier Marshal oversees all aspects of rapier combat in Insulae Draconis.


Lucrezia-Isabella di Freccia (Christina Nevin)
Contact: [email protected]

Signet Clerk

Arianhwy Wen/Aria Gemina Mala/Ari Mala She/Her
Contact: [email protected]

The Signet is an officer whose responsibility is coordinating the production of those scrolls given out with awards.

Web Minister

Marcella di Cavallino She/Her
Contact: [email protected]

Social Media Minister

Henric vanden Casteele (Ari Ibsen) They/Them
Contact: [email protected]