The Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis represent the King and Queen of Drachenwald in the Principality. As such ceremonial representatives of the Crown of Drachenwald, the Prince and Princess should be treated as any other royal couple in the Kingdom. In essence, be courteous and respectful of what the Prince and Princess are representing and of the fact that their time is not their own. Much of each event they attend will be spent officiating, being in meetings, or just listening to people’s opinions.

At Court

The Prince and Princess will hold Court at most events at which they are in attendance. They may have announcements for public business but they also are responsible for bestowing Awards on members where the people of Insulae Draconis has recommended that a member should be so honoured. Insulae Draconis has many awards to reward people for hard work, skill and courtesy. You can read more about awards, check whether someone already has an award and then Make an Award Recommendation.

Newcomers often worry about what is expected of them if they get called up before the Coronet at Court. There’s nothing to be anxious about, they’re lovely people, honest! When you are called up in Court you should stand up, divest yourself of any weapons you might have on your person and make your way towards the thrones. About ten feet from the Thrones, bow or curtsey as appropriate, then walk to the cushion that is set before the Thrones and kneel. Once their HIghnesses have concluded their business you rise, bow or curtsey, then step backwards for three or four steps, bow or curtsey again and then turn and go back to your seat.

At Events

One always stands when the Prince and Princess stand in a formal setting, though this is not expected during feast, watching a tournament, and on other such informal occasions. One always bows or curtseys when the Prince and Princess passes. If you pass the Thrones of the Prince and Princess, you bow or curtsey as appropriate, even when they sit empty, as they are one of the most important symbols of Insulae Draconis, and of the Crown, as represented by the Prince and Princess.

The Prince and Princess have the right to a clear direct line of sight to the principal activity of the event.

If space allows, the Prince and Princess should have a private room to sleep in and to use for meetings.

The Prince and Princess are not asked to pay event fees if the event in question does not need the money. This is to allow the royal couple to attend more events. Since the Principality raises funds to assist the royals in travel, it makes little sense to have them incur extra costs for making the effort to attend more events.

It may happen that you disagree with the Prince and Princess, even in such circumstances they are representing Insulae Draconis and the Crown. Please deal respectfully with them at all times.

The Prince and Princess often have to deal with issues brought to them by the populace at events. Hence, if they are engaged in a conversation, it is courteous to stand at a slight distance until either they have invited you to join them, or it is clear that the conversation is not one of official or administrative consequence.