The Chatelaine or Castellan is the officer that is responsible for welcoming newcomers and they are a good place to start if you want to make contact, ask questions or find out more. If there is no chatelaine listed in your most local group please email the Insulae Draconis Castellan.

If you’re looking for a group elsewhere in Europe or in South Africa, visit the Drachenwald Website.

Depedene under Wychwood

Depedene under Wychwood is a English Shire covering the area including postcodes NE, DH, SR, DL, TS, CA, LA, FY, PR, BB, L, WN, BL WA, M, CH, CW.

Exchequer: Valda ingen Chaemgin (Michelle Parker ) She/Her
Armoured Combat Marshal: Joel ben Stuart He/Him

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Dun in Mara

Dun in Mara is an Irish Shire, covering the counties of Louth, Meath, Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford in Ireland.

Seneschal: Alays de Lunel She/Her
Exchequer: Etienne the younger
Chatelaine: Gabrielle of Dun in Mara (Kate Kaller) She/Her
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Katie of Dun in Mara (Katie) She/Her
Herald: Aoífe ní Aodhagáin (Eva Mühlhause) She/Her
Chronicler: Aodh Ó Siadhail (Drew Shiel) He/Him
Web Minister: Cassian of Allyshia (Violet Waldo ) They/She

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Eplaheimr is an Irish Barony, covering the counties of Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon, Longford, Westmeath, Galway, Offaly, Laois, Clare, Tipperary, Limerick, Kerry and Cork in Ireland.

Seneschal: Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (Yann Coussot) He/Him
Exchequer: Robert of Eplaheimr (Robert O' Rourke) He/Him
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Kytte of the lake (Catherine Terrett ) She/Her
Herald: Fianna Rua Nic Mhathúna (Davina Mc Mahon) She/Her
Chronicler: Melisende Fitzwalter She/Her
Web Minister: Melisende Fitzwalter She/Her

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Flintheath is an English Shire covering Shire, covering East Anglia, England

Seneschal: Captain Kenneth Elliot (Kenneth Askew)
Exchequer: Nicholas de Estleche dictus le Tardif (Nicholas Adams)
Chatelaine: Shannon of Oak of Honor Hill (Shannon Webster)
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Bronwen Selwyn (Susan Stallman)
Herald: Alexandre Lerot d'Avigné He/Him
Chronicler: Rebecca of Flintheath She/Her
Web Minister: Eularia Trewe She/Her

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Glen Rathlin

Glen Rathlin is an Irish Shire, covering Northern Ireland and the counties of Monaghan, Cavan and Donegal

Exchequer: Natacha of Glen Rathlin

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Harpelstane is the Scottish Shire.

Seneschal: Elen Benet (Helen Lever)
Web Minister: Maria Harsick

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Hart's Holt

Hart’s Holt is a hamlet within the Shire of Thamesreach covering the areas of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire


Kingeslake is an Irish College, based in Athlone Institute of Technology in the Barony of Eplaheimr

Seneschal: Kier of Kingeslake


Klakavirki is the Icelandic Shire.

Seneschal: Samuel of Klakavirki (Sam O'Donnell) He/Him
Exchequer: Birna of Klakavirki She/Her
Archery Marshal: Alexandria of Klakavirki (Anna Reneau) She/Her
Fencing Marshal: Rúnar of Klakavirki (Rúnar Páll Benediktsson ) He/Him

Mynydd Gwyn

Mynydd Gwyn is a Shire covering Wales and West England

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Richard of Salesberie (Rick Williams) He/Him

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Okynfirth is a hamlet within the Shire of Pont Alarch covering the English Midlands

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Pont Alarch

Pont Alarch is an English Shire covering Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Northern England postcodes not covered by Depedene under Wychwood

Seneschal: Alex of Long Riston (Alex Crompton)
Exchequer: THL Haesel de Berneslai
Chatelaine: Hildr of pont Alarch She/Her
Archery Marshal: Áfríðr Eiríksdóttir
Social Media Minister: Hannah Zamoyska Lancaster She/Her

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Thamesreach is an English Shire, covering Greater London, England

Seneschal: Vitus They/Them
Signet Clerk: Marcella di Cavallino She/Her
Web Minister: Marcella di Cavallino She/Her

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West Dragonshire

West Dragoningshire is an English, covering Southern England

Seneschal: Ariel of Lindisfarne She/They
Exchequer: Alex of Long Riston (Alex Crompton) He/Him
Herald: Thomas Flamanc (John Sawyer) He/Him
Web Minister: Raphe Cuthbert (Ian Walden) He/Him

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