So, you would like to be an archery marshal.

The primary duty of the archery marshal is the safety of the shoot. You are responsible for the archers, for the spectators and for any other persons within the vicinity of the shoot. This means you need to think about clearly marking your ranges and having notices or the ability to make same whenever there’s a chance non-archers or the general public may happen upon your range.

Key things you need to know

  • Know how to set up the archery range for the shoot, ensuring safety distances and angles are adhered to.
  • Know how to inspect a bow, and arrows focus is on safety
  • Know how to run the line safely for a shoot.
  • That you will serve as the point of contact to Lieutenant General of Archers.

Duties of a marshal

Your job will be to

  • champion archery and all things related to your group, to organise archery activities in your group and to ensure that any archery activities have the required presence of an Archery Marshal.
  • To report to the Lieutenant General of Archers quarterly in January, April, July and November. Reports should contain information about all archery events and archery related activities held in your group as well as a list of all active archers.

Sounds good, so how do I become a marshal

  • Read and know the details in the Marshal’s handbook
  • Know how to instruct a beginner in range safety and shooting technique
  • Become a Marshal in Training (an MiT) - talk to your local captain of archers or to the Principality Lieutenant General of Archers.
  • Seek out opportunities for equipment inspection, range setup, and running the line in the company of one or more archery marshals
  • As a marshal in training send in quarterly MiT reports