From thread to splendid cloth

There is an enormous diversity of crafts and skills covered by the simple heading of Fibre Arts in Insulae Draconis, including but not limited to dyeing, spinning, weaving, tablet weaving, fingerloop braiding, plaiting, felting, sprang, netting, knitting and naalbinding.

Carding and spinning

We have artisans who can take raw wool or silk and card and spin it to create beautiful yarns.


Did you know you can colour fibres with lichen or onion skins? People tend to think of medieval clothing as drab and mud coloured but there was a lovely range of bright and distinct colours and a fascinating history of how colours became markers of wealth and influence.


From small and easily portable tablet weaving for decorative trims and belts to large looms for bolts of cloth, we have artisans who practice the whole range.

How to get started with Fibre arts in Insulae Draconis

  • Many like to practise these arts, and if you spot someone doing something interesting at an event, don’t be shy about asking about it. Lucetting and drop spindle spinning often happen even at Court, and are often one of the first hand crafts people take on with.
  • If you have a portable project like embroidery or naalbinding for example, work away at events, chances are you;ll find yourself in a small group of people attracted to sit with you with their own projects.
  • Ask on mailing or Facebook lists, remember if you are interested in something you can bet someone else is too, and would love to find you.
  • Contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences to get some introductions.