Local event or shire competitions

Usually at at least a medium size event there is an A&S competition for people attending the event. Sometimes they are open to non-attendants who organise to get their entry to the event as well.

An entry is your chance to display your prowess in your chosen field. Projects such as costumes, armour, brewing, calligraphy, illumination, leatherwork and any other craft project, are entered into the competition and judged. Your goal is to make something as they might have done in the medieval period, following the methods that would have been used then, where practical. Because there is such a huge diversity of crafts and skills that can be included in these competitions, it is very important that you consider including documentation with your entry.

What is A&S documentation and why do I need it?

The short answer: it helps people appreciate the research, effort and skill that went into your project.


There are usually three forms of judging at these smaller types,
Populace vote, judged or a combination of the two. Popular votes usually have the entries laid on a display table and some sort of token system (a dish of beads, for example) for interested people to vote for their favourite entry by dropping a token into a designated space to vote for a particular entry.

Larger scale competitons

  • Champion of Lough Devnaree
  • Forester’s A&S Champion
  • A&S Protector of Insulae Draconis
  • Kingdom Artisan