In their own words....

It can be very hard to figure out from a website whether something is right for you or not, there's nothing like meeting people and personal recommendations to give you a sense of what you might be getting yourself into. With that in mind we've asked our members what are the things that made them join us.

Spent almost half a lifetime wanting to run away - wanting to wear armour in battle like Joan of Arc, wanting to fence like D'Artagnan wanting to be on the stage, beleiving in honour and courage and a healthy dose of rebellion.Teaching myself Latin and Old English and Old Norse, listening to troubador songs, wanting to dress up like the lady in the castle in "Raggle Taggle Gypsies" but then sleep in a field barefoot with like- minded souls. Wanting to go back to school and wanting a mentor or two who wouldn't let me always get away with it .. I was three years short of a half century and about 16 at heart when I found where I could do all of it. Roll on the next 50 years.

Alessandra di Riario, Shire officer, fencer, heavy, duellist, cook

Because my parents took me to a demo put on by the local group when i was 14, and I thought "That looks like fun. My parents will never let me join without them, and wouldn't join themselves. I'll remember this group until I've moved off to university, and join then." A few months later, my mom was like "I was a bit surprised you never asked to join that medieval group. It sounded like something you'd like to do." It appears my assumption that they wouldn't let me do it on my own was ill-founded, I attended my first event a few weeks later, and 21 years later, I'm still here.

Aryanhwy merch Catmael

To learn more about the life and times of our castle and to meet people with similar interests

Emelina of Corofin

I came for the history, the costume, the crafts. I stayed for the people, the fun and the food!

Melisende Fitzwalter

I'd read about the SCA in magazines and books before, and was firmly resolved to join as soon as I found it, for reasons of: medieval STUFF, fighting, and the feeling of a feudal structure[1]. I stayed for food, camaraderie, archery, and the feeling of a feudal structure[1].

[1] "Feudal" is mostly invented by Victorians, and in the parlance of the modern web, doesn't real. Possibly didn't real, too. Also, the SCA's structure isn't feudal by anyone's definition. But it's one of my reasons, and I'm sticking to it.

Aodh O'Siadhail

I'd met and gotten to know Susannah of York through the Drama Society in my first year of college. Met her in town that August and she told me about the SCA and about possibly bringing it to the college - - I smiled and said OK but wondered what the hell she was on about. I started fencing the night of my class party and the introductions made me feel instantly at ease. Plus stabbing things is fun and I always wanted to try things like fencing and archery and actually learn how to make clothes without doing Home Ec in school.

I knew things like Renaissance Faires happened in the States but hadn't a clue that the SCA existed in Europe. Now it's fun to spread the virus to another generation and my in-laws!!

Fianna Rua Nic Mhatúna

My mother's colleague said to her, "There is this medieval event that I think your daughter would like. I'm going, so she will have someone to talk to." I robbed the costume dock at school and went--she didn't, as she had put her back out. So that was scary. However, intermittently through uni I still attended, and then solidly after uni onwards. Also, I got to play hardcore persona at events.

Arianhwy Wen


Antonio di Rienzo Ruspoli

Like Fianna I too owe my immersion in the SCA to Viscountess Susannah of York. Between archery and having Susannah as a lecturer my first Semester the idea of being a SCAdian took hold. I had always had a love of history and the middle ages so everything just came naturally to me. Little did I know that four years later I would be Seneschal of the College of Kingeslake. I have mastered many of the things I have gotten involved in, from hand sewing my own garb, archery, medieval banqueting, brewing and attending events, I have found the SCA to be very much like a family that share many of the same interests as me and where being geeky is a distinct advantage much like my Star Wars family.

Kier of Kingeslake

A friend who got me involved in LARP got all interested in the historical aspect of the SCA and has long since moved on told me while i was sat doodling pictures.....pretty medieval style dresses. My then boyfriend (now husband) got involved and we've never looked back!

Eleynora de Allesleye

I saw the arts of war essays and was fascinated by the armoured combat. 15 years later still love it.

Alex of Derlington

I joined when Sarah handed me a foil and showed me how to hit people with it, and then invited me out to the group post-fencing diner trip. The awesome clothing came later!!

Catlin le Mareschale

I joined because at my first event (that I went to solely to see my sister and her family) every single person I met made me feel like I belonged and that although we had only just met we were already well on our way to being friends. Medieval stuff was just a fun bonus.


I got talking to fine fellow (I can't remember his name, stop playing shortly after I joined) over a game of Settlers of Catan. He said he had to go because he was fencing later. I quized him intensively and ended up with his number. Later on that even I was off to my first practice and met the good folks of DiM.

-CAPTAIN Culainn an Chomhraic
(I have a letter of marque, and be damned if I don't let people know)

Culainn an Chomhraic

It was in An Tir, where all events are camping events and fairly family friendly so it looked like a good activity for a family with an 11 year old daughter.

Culainn an Chomhraic

A friend dragged me along, and I'm eternally grateful. *remind me to expand on this some time when I'm awake*

Sigtrygg of Eplaheimr

By way of a suggestion from my mother in law, saying we ought to check out this cool group in London. Not sure she was expecting to wind up running 25th year somehow

Guy de Dinan

I'd just come out of a bad breakup and was feeling unsatisfied and in need of new hobbies. I was already playing in a concert band and was looking for something physical like dancing when I stumbled across the local SCA group's page (this was in Western Australia) where it listed off their active musicians' group as well as regular dancing practice amongst other things. I knew right away that this was something for me, and went to my first musicians' practise within two weeks, and my first event within the month.

Amphelise de Wodeham

Because it looked cool. The people looked cool. Then I met them and found home.


Why? I saw it and I wanted to do it. All my life whenever I saw a play I wanted to be a character in it. I wanted the people on stage to reach out and pull me in.

I was not quite 14, watching the national news in my grandmother's house, and there was a spot on Pennsic War VIII which was even then going on in Pennsylvania. It seemed to me exactly what I wanted to be doing and I desperately wanted to be part of it.

The difference between a play and the Society was that the SCA actually did reach out to me a couple of months later!

Lyonet de Covenham

I loved the idea of wearing cool clothes and learning medieval crafts and "living" the history. I was into roleplaying anyway, and was used to the idea of pretending to be someone else. I didn't expect that in the SCA I'd actually find myself.

Agnes des Illes

Girlfriend at the time dragged me to a spot o fencing practice in the park wit DiM and a week later my first event Peasant Revels. Fencing sparked my interest but the people felt right. Felt like home. Still does

Aodhan Pairce na Fia

My boyfriend at the time was involved and I came along, I clicked with many of the people involved, this was the late 80's in Knights Crossing. One of those seminal moments for me was one what was probably my first event, I was walking across a field carrying a basket and two Knights came over to me and escorted me the rest of the way carrying my basket. I was completely and utterly starstruck by these two dashing guys in armor making a point of talking to the newbie and making her feel included and appreciated. I continue to be bowled over by the generosity of spirit and sharing that I find in the Society.

Aoife ní Aodhagáin

Two of the best friends I have tried their damndest to persuade me to come to early events in the shire. I thought it sounded crazy so I kept making up excuses. Eventually I ran out of them and agreed to go. One of the best decisions I ever made as I've had so much fun since. I've made life-long, amazing friends and I get to do incredibly cool things.

Aylwin de Renham