What is this Court business and how does it affect me?

Some events will have a Royal Presence - that means that the King and/or Queen of Drachenwald or the Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis will be attending the event. They may decide to hold a Court to conduct business. This might include informing the people about changes to Law, recognising worthy nobles with awards for their services, skills and contributions or prize givings and congratulations to the various winners. Everyone is expected to attend and anyone may be called upon to present themselves at Court.

Behaviour In Court

When the Royal Herald suddenly summons you (in whatever manner, including “all new people please approach…”) to appear before Their Majesties, it means that you are being called up in Royal Court. You should stand up, divest yourself of weapons and make your way towards the Crowns. About ten feet from the Thrones, or roughly on a level with the forwardmost row of onlookers, bow or curtsey as appropriate, then walk to the cushion that is set before the Thrones and kneel. It is worth noticing that the cushion is very nice and has the Kingdom arms on it but it is on this that you should kneel (unless you have gone up as part of a group). No court goes by without someone thinking that it’s too nice to use a kneeler and thus they end up kneeling uncomfortably on the floor.

On your way back you rise and bow or curtsey then step backwards for three or four steps, bow or curtsey again and then turn and flee. Please be careful if you are wearing long flowing clothes, you need to make sure you don’t stand on them getting up.

Only Knights and members of the Royal Court (Royal champions, guards, etc.) are permitted to carry weapons of war in Court. Technically this does not apply to eating knives (the phrase weapons in the law is “weapons of war”) but in this Kingdom, it is customary not to bring any weapons into the presence of the Crown in Court. This is something of which to be aware.