Heraldry in the SCA adds to the medieval feel of events by contributing to the presentation of court and tournaments as well as being a key part of how we decorate our spaces, our things, and ourselves. Heralds are also responsible for the organisation and maintenance of recording names, devices and awards.

The SCA College of Arms has more information about what the College does at the Society level.

Book Heralds

Book heralds study and research names (onomastics) and devices (coats of arms), helping people register their personae (the medieval person that they are acting as within the Society) names and devices with the College of Heralds.

Voice Heralds

Field heraldry is calling announcements at events (sometimes called a Town Crier, or something similar) and heralding tournaments by announcing the progress and the victors to the assembled crowd.

Court heraldry is running formal courts effectively and enjoyably, getting business done and adding to the pageantry of the scene. Here you become the voice of the Crown, making the day very special for those you call upon.

Visual Heraldry

We also use heraldry to decorate our halls, fields and equipment, from tabards to chests to thrones. Historically, heraldry has been used to quickly identify people, their household and their property by having what is essentially a personal brand. Devices, or Coats of Arms, and Badges are used to show presence and ownership and putting them on banners, flags and personal property are great ways to add to the pagentry of events. You can also help identify yourself as part of a larger group by displaying a Populace Badge for the Principality or Kingdom.

Awards and recordkeeping

When awards are created, heralds ensure that the name and badge associated with them are unique and follow accepted practices — just like with personal names, devices and badges. Heralds are also responsible for organising and maintaining the Order of Precedence database that keeps track of the awards and recognition given to everyone in the Kingdom.

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Populace Badge
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