How do I authorise so I can participate in heavy combat tournaments?

Authorisation is the test a fighter must pass before they can participate in armoured combat bouts at tournaments. This is not a test of skill, it is just a test to make sure your armour meets the basic safety requirements of the society and that you, as a fighter, know what your responsibilties are, how to behave safely on the field and that you understand the rules.

As a fighter you need to check that you can answer the following to be sure you’re ready to take the test:

  • Do you know the basic rules of heavy combat? (Rules on the SCA website)
  • Do you know where to find up to date rules and changes
  • Are you wearing correct armour?
  • Do you know a basic shot?
  • Can you safely withstand an attack?
  • Do you know how to acknowledge a hit?
  • Do you know what the stop signal is?
  • Can you "die" safely?

Important things to note

  • Minors under 16 cannot authorise to fight in armoured combat tournaments.
  • You don’t need to have a full kit of armour that is all your own just to authorise - it is permitted to borrow armour and weapons.
  • You will be asked questions and asked to give practical demonstrations
  • If you don’t know what "Hold!" means, you’re not ready :)