We the Princes of Insulae Draconis, mindful of long precedent in Aarnimetsä and recent precedent in Lochac, have recognised our first Hamlet in the English Midlands to be based in Nottingham. The members there wanted to create a small group in the area of an existing shire, Pont Alarch. This will allow them to create a focus for activity in a place that isn’t convenient to the existing centre of the shire in Yorkshire. By creating pockets of activity like this one we can improve the opportunities for Society participation in that place, and point new people who live close by toward them, thereby increasing our numbers in that area.

We expect other, similar groups to form along the lines of this model. They might call themselves a Hamlet, Village, Hundred, Wapentake, Townland, Ward or some similar period appropriate term. These groups are not official Society branches; they are not subject to formal requirements; but they are advised to come together in a similar way to our first Hamlet.

Our new Hamlet has chosen one member to be their point of contact. She will, for now, be called the Sheriff. Hamlets might instead use the term chief, mayor or other suitably period title befitting the post. As the contact member of an unofficial group, there is no official title, so members should be guided by historical examples and good taste. Because the Hamlet is not in itself a branch of the Society it will have no officer posts, and it will not have a bank account.

Like the first Hamlet based in Nottingham, new Hamlets will be based in a real world town. If they are within the boundaries of a shire, they will remain a part of that shire.

Hamlets might conduct meetings, revels and practices. If money for hall hire need be collected and paid, the Hamlet will arrange with a seneschal and exchequer to collect and disburse money. This is the same as any other shire practice or meeting. If fees will be charged or if insurance cover is required, the organisers should contact a seneschal to make the event an official shire or principality event.

All official SCA events in the Hamlet are shire or principality events. Event stewards will be appointed by the relevant seneschal. Event reporting and banking will be conducted by the event staff and officers, just as they would do for any other event.

Martial activities must have a warranted marshal present on the same terms as any other Society activity.

We encourage members of Hamlets to contribute as shire and principality officers and event staff in the usual way.

Nobody need be a member of a Hamlet simply because they live in the associated area.

We strongly encourage all participants to be members in good standing of SCA UK CIC.

The Principality will consider applications from Hamlets to become official groups. Official groups in the Principality which are in difficulty might consider applying to become Hamlets.

To Create a Hamlet

Contact the seneschal of either the surrounding host shire, a shire with the nearest centre of activity or the Principality seneschal. Maintain contact with this seneschal going forward.

Seneschals will report on Hamlets as part of the activity in their shire groups, and endeavour to keep contact details of Hamlet leaders up-to-date.

Heraldic bearings for Hamlets will be submitted as badges to the Drachenwald College of Heralds.

Until they research and choose their own names, Hamlets will be known by the real name of the locality, for example, the Hundred of Chesterfield (Twisted Spire). Names will be submitted under the category of a household name. While there will be no onus on Hamlets to become shires in their own right, they should choose names and badges with that possibility in mind. Once a Hamlet has a name, a website can be provided free of charge. Contact webminister@insulaedraconis.org to get a Hamlet website up and running. The Principality Seneschal must be informed either directly or via a Shire Seneschal that a Hamlet has been created. The Principality Seneschal will have the final say on any disputes arising from Hamlet creation or maintenance.

Details to maintain and report should include:

Mundane Name: Joe Bloggs
SCA Name: Eirik Eirikssonson
Phone: +44 7xxx xxxxxx (optional)
email: joeybloggs@gmail.con (required)
Locale: Chesterfield
Host Shire: Pontalarch
Hamlet SCA name: The Hundred of the Twisted Spire