Any five or more members of the SCA or an affiliated society can look to form a new branch as long as they are in the same area as each other and that that area is not in a central part of another branch.

The first thing and group wanting to form a new branch should do is contact the Insulae Draconis Chatelaine and the seneschal of their closest branch.

These two officers should be able to assist in forming the new branch.

The game is designed to grow by having new branches spread in this manner so it’s a fairly simple procedure to start a new branch.

All branches require at least three officers – Seneschal (chairperson), Exchequer (treasurer), and one of the following three – Herald, Marshal, or Minister of Arts and Sciences. These three people need to be members of the society.

The branch needs set borders, usually defined by post codes, counties, or other clearly defined areas. This area should be of a size that benefits the branch, and is determined in conjunction with neighbouring shires and Insulae Draconis. The Kingdom can set borders for any new branch if necessary.

Each new branch starting is mentored by an existing full branch. This is known as sponsoring. All new branches need a sponsoring branch. The regional Chatelaine will help you with finding such a branch.

Your branch will need a name. This name must be submitted to the College of Heralds to be registered to your branch. The regional herald can assist you in this process.

If you have any questions about how to form a new branch contact the Insulae Draconis Chatelaine who will be happy to assist you.

Below is a copy of the form for starting a new branch.

Application to form an incipient Branch in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

1. List of members, including membership numbers.
SCA Name Modern Name Membership Number Expiry date

Seneschal and Exchequer are and mandatory, one of the other three listed must be filled.

Office SCA name Modern Name Member Number Mailing address & email address if available
Minister A&S        
3. Map of the claimed territory

Include a map showing the borders of the branch.

If forming a College branch, where the campus is the territory, then no map is required.

If forming a Stronghold branch, where the territory is a military base, then no map is required.



4. A list of postal codes for the claimed territory. If post codes are not used please define the territory here.



5. If the proposed branch boundaries lie within an existing branch or branches, the application should include an official letter from the existing branch/branches indicating their acceptance of the new branch.



6. Name of the sponsoring group. This is the branch which will mentor yours along.



7. Confirmation from the College of Heralds that the required Name submission for the group has been submitted.