Goals and Objectives

The Insulae Draconis Fibre Guild aims to promote fibre arts in the Principality of InsulaeDraconis. The Guild will bring together the Principalities Fibre Artists for the furtherment of allfibre arts practiced between 600 and 1600 AD.

The Guild will promote the following fibers arts, but is not limited to this list.

  • Braiding­ Fingerloop and Kumihimo
  • Costuming
  • Dyeing
  • Embroidery
  • Knitting
  • Lace
  • Naalbinding
  • Spinning
  • Weaving­ both cloth and narrowares


Guild Head

The Guild will be overseen by a Guild Head (Or Guild Warden). The Guild Head will serve for aterm of 2 years. The Guild Head will begin looking for a replacement approximately 6 monthsbefore the end of their term and will consult Their Highnesses and the Principality Minister ofArts and Sciences for final approval of their successor.

Guild Hall

The Guild Warden may convene the Guild Hall at any event and is encouraged to do so for atleast 1 Principality Level Event. The Guild Hall may be opened for discussion of Guild business,the sharing of fibre arts works and knowledge, or other relevant business.

Guild Responsibilities

In keeping with the purpose, the Guild may organize a fibre tract of classes at events (such as,but not limited to Insulae Draconis University, Fayre Raglan) and sponsor Arts & SciencesCompetitions. In times of need the Guild will help, as appropriate, with charitable works withinthe Principality.


In keeping with our predecessors, the Guild will register arms or mutual acceptance to themajority of members. The Guild may also utilize a livery and Prime Wardens will have theprivilege of dressing in the Guilds livery, when they see fit.


The Guild will be open to anyone interested in fibre arts. New members will be known asinitiates. New members need only have an interest in the Fibre Arts and let the Guild Wardenknow they would like to join. Members may choose to advance through the following Guild Ranks. Members may choose to advance through the ranks as a specialist in an area of ageneralist practitioner. Specialist may choose to focus their work in a specific area/time period,whereas generalist may choose to broad range of Medieval stitches to explore in their studies.

The ranks of the Guild are as follows.

  1. Petit Wardens­ will have entered a fibre work in one competition or will have taught aclass at a Principality or Kingdom level event on a medieval fibre art. Members wishingto advance to this rank should notify the Guild Warden upon completion of thisrequirement.

  2. Wardens­ will have entered at least one Principality level competition with their fibrework, taught at least 2 classes in fibre arts and will submit a body of work to the PrimeWardens showing generalist or specialist knowledge and skill in medieval fibre arts.

  3. Prime Warden­ will have taught at least 1 new class since achieving the rank of Warden,and ran at least 1 competition, or organized the classes for 1 event. Candidates willsubmit a body of work of no less than 5 works to the Prime Wardens. These works maybe either generalist or specialist in nature.

    • Generalists works should be comprised of at least 3 different techniques.
    • Specialists submissions should be comprised of at least 3 different uses of aparticular technique and should be focused on a given period or culture. The firstthree members shall submit their works to Their Highnesses, and the PrimeWardens, who may enlist the aid of the Guild Warden, if they so choose.