What is the Navy?

Insulae Draconis has its own navy and continues to recruit. The Insulae Draconis Navy is under the command of the Prince and Princess, as part of the Drachenwald Navy, with funds raised going to the Principality travel fund.

There are three ranks available - Admiral, Captain, Letter of marque and reprisal.


For control over any requested area not already controlled by an Admiral within the waters that surround Insulae Draconis. If you wish you be an Admiral for waters outside of this, please contact the Drachenwald Navy.


Command of a named ship, i.e. HHS Endeavour (which for Drachenwald Navy would be HMS Endeavour). You may also have a nicknames for the ships to allow people to have fun with them, i.e. the Black Pearl.

Letter of marque and reprisal

For people who do not wish to join the regular navy but feel an honourable calling that combines patriotism and profit.


  • Admiral: £20 / 25€ for a specific region (was previously £25)
  • Captain: £16 / 20€ for a specific ship (was previously £20)
  • Letter of marque and reprisal: £15 / 20€ for a specific ship

Commissions come with a PDF format letter of commission, but a personalised one from the scribes can be obtained for an additional fee.

Clerk of the Insulae Draconis Navy

The Navy Clerk organises and maintains commissions of the Insulae Draconis Navy.

Radulfus de Wiston (Rowan Weston)
Email: id-navy-clerk@insulaedraconis.org

Current Commissions


SCA Name
Aylwin de Renham* The Northern Atlantic
Ozbeg Mangudai The Celestial Aether
Maeve of Eplaheimr Inland Waters of Ireland
Antonio di Rienzo Carribean Sea
Anjouli Longship Inland Waters of Great Britain
Constanza of Thamesreach Solent H.M.S. The Red Vixen
Jasper Rose The North Sea and British Channel H.H.S Black Swan
Wyatt of Dun in Mara Coast Of Donegal H.H.S The Wave Dancer
Caitlin le MareschaleLochs of Scotland H.H.S Merry Minionette
Isabel Peregrinus Iceland, inland and surrounding waters H.H.S Jokull
Aodh O Siadhail The Celtic Sea
Emelina of Corofin Castle Galway Bay H.H.S. Skydancer
Isobel Fevre The Irish Sea Le Faucon Leurre


SCA Name
Ship Name
Ayesha Trentacapilli da Salerno* H.H.S. Diamante
Duncan Chaucer The Flashheart
Sela de la Rosa H.H.S The Rose
Pernel Chaloner H.M.S Golden Devil

Letter of Marque/Reprisal

SCA Name
Ship Name
Asbiorn inn eyverski* Hvitabiorn
Susannah of York The Nightingale
Caitriona of the Ravens The Raven
Perinelle of Rockall The Devil's Luck
Joel Fowler Argo
Culainn St. Elmo's Fire
Thora Greylock KrAjkr
Wolfram Burkhardt von Falkenstein Aerys
Pól ó Briain The Drop Bear