These are the founding members of the Orders which grace our Principality.  All four of our original Orders were founded at Rent-a-Don III, run by the Shire of Mynydd Gwyn in March of AS XL (2005 AD). The Order of Robin (The fifth Order) was founded at Ffair Rhaglen VII run by the Shire of Mynydd Gwyn in August AS XLVI (2011 AD)

To check to see if other gentles have membership in any of these Companies or Orders, you may search the Order of Precedence.

Order of the Sun and Chalice Sigmundr Haakonarsson
Order of the Silver Martlet Siban nic Ghiolla Padraig
Order of the Fox Cynewulf of Wintancaestre
Order of Ffraid Robert Longshanks of Canterbury
Order of Robin Robin Bowman of Dalriada