Past Coronets of Insulae Draconis

Past Viceroys & Vicerines

Viceroy I, (November 2003 to May 2004)
Sir Michael de Brad & Duchessa Alessandra Melusine

Viceroy II, (May 2004 to October 2004)
Vicomte Michael die Zauberzunge Ritter von Essen & Lady Moira O’Morchoe

Viceroy III, (October 2004 to April 2005)
Lord Brian O’Morchoe & Lady Mary Ferch Thomas

Viceroy IV, (April 2005 to October 2005)
Master Sigmundr Hákonarson & Lady Ságadís Duncansdaughter

Viceroy V, (October 2005 to April 2006)
Lord Pól ó Briain & Lady Caitriona of the Ravens

Viceroy VI, (April 2006 to October 2006)
Sir Ivan Paskiainen & Lady Dorothea Weber

Viceroy VII, (October 2006 to May 2007)
Lord Lutr Rakatenwerfer & Lady Siubhan inghean Fhearghuis

Viceroy VIII, (May 2007 to October 2007)
Barun Pól Ó Briain & Baroness Caitriona of the Ravens

Viceroy IX, (October 2007 to May 2008)
Lord Clancy of Ulster & Lady Ursula Sturlasdatter

Viceroy X, (May 2008 to October 2008)
Vitus Polonius & Giuliette de Fonte

Viceroy XI, (October 2008 to February 2009)
Baron Clancy of Ulster & Baroness Ursula Sturlasdatter

Viceroy XII, (February 2009 to August 2009)
Lord Daffyd Gwynfardd & Lady Chiara de’Danielli

Viceroy XIII, (August 2009 to February 2010)
Sir Alaric of Bangor & Duchess Nerissa de Saye

Past Prince & Princess

Coronet I, (February 2010 to August 2010)
Sir William mac Brennan & Mistress Æringunnr Yrsudóttir

Coronet II, (August 2010 to February 2011)
Master Sigmundr Hákonarson & Baroness Ságadís Duncansdaughter

Coronet III, (February 2011 to August 2011)
Master Cernac the Inspired & Lady Susannah of York

Coronet IV, (August 2011 to February 2012)
Master Robert de Canterbury & Lady Genevieve la flechiere

Coronet V, (February 2012 to August 2012)
Baron Clancy Fairchild Of Ulster & Baroness Ursula Sturlasdatter

Coronet VI, (August 2012 to February 2013)
Lord Richard the Rampant & Lady Lena the Red

Coronet VII, (February 2013 to August 2013)
Pan Vitus Polonius & Lady Isabel Peregrinus

Coronet VIII, (August 2013 to February 2014)
Lord Duncan Forbes & Lady Eibhlin Ni Ghallchobair

Coronet IX, (February 2014 to November 2014)
Sir Nasr ibn ‘Isa & Countess Eleanor Isabeau d’Autun

Coronet X, (November 2014 to August 2015)
Duke Elffin O’Mona & Duchessa Alessandra Melusine

Coronet XI, (August 2015-May 2016)
Master Alexandre d’Avignon and Mistress Eularia Trewe

Coronet XII, (May 2016)
Master Pól ó Briain & Baroness Caitriona of the Ravens