Getting Involved!

How you can jump right in

I’m interested in becoming a shire Officer, how can I find out more?

We have a new guides to help very new officers find their feet with their new roles, they might give you a feel for what’s involved?

I’m really interested in getting involved with event cooking, how do I get involved?

If you are at an event find the kitchen and see if they need minions, kitchens are fun to work in as a group activity and you are assured of the head cook’s undying gratitude. Once there you’ll probably meet at least some of the usual kitchen suspects who will happily share their experiences with you. Our Society prides itself on sharing our skills with others who want to learn. If you like a dish at feast ask the cook about it, they’re usually delighted to share their source material. Once you start kitchen minioning it’s usually easy to volunteer for future kitchen work. You might express and interest in covering one of the smaller meals, like traveller’s fare, breakfast or lunch at first, just to find your feet and get comfortable with period style food for large numbers.

I’ve been practicing my scribal arts, I’d like to contribute some award scrolls, what do I do?

You might decide to work on “blanks” at first, illuminated scrolls with no text or maybe generic text blocks that the specific award details can be added to later. These can be forwarded to the Signet. The other way is to ask for a specific scroll assigment. Once the Prince and Princess have decided to make an award they pass word to the signet Clerk to commission the award scroll - this creates the assignment list. You need to let the Signet know you’re interested. Join the scribes mailing list and facebook group and you will see where there are assignments available for particular events. Please refer to the scribal [more…..]

Heavy fighting/rapier fighting looks like fun, how do I join in?

I’d like to learn how to marshal for events, what do I do?

I’d love to be a Court Herald, how do I do that?

I have an idea for an event, what sort of things do I need to bear in mind?

How do I find out what events are running all over Insulae Draconis?

I’ve had so much help from someone I would love a special way to say thanks, what can I do?