quarterly Reporting to Principality Officers

If you are a local group (Shire, College or Hamlet) officer you need to report on your activities and the workings of your local group to the Principality officer on a quarterly basis.

When are these reports due?

Reports need to be with the Principality Officers in January (the large Doomsday report), April, July and November.

Who do I report to?


Dame Lyonet de Covenham
email: Email the Seneschal


Viscomtesse Eibhlin Ni Galchobair
email: Email the Exchequer


Lady Allessandra di Riario (Lesley McIntee)
email: Email the Chatelaine

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Lady Kytte of the Lake (Catherine Terrett)
email: Email the Minister of Arts and Sciences

Rockall Herald

Bonesig Ary Bona
email: Email the Rockall Herald

Knight Marshal

Lady Agnes des Illes
email: Email the Knight Marshal

Lieutenant General of Archers

Lord Keir of Eplaheimr
email: Email the Lieutenant General of Archers
How to report to the Lieutenant General of Archers

Rapier Marshal

Mesteri Esbiorn Jenssen
email: Email the Rapier Marshal


Baroness Lucrezia-Isabella di Freccia
email: Email the Chronicler

Signet Clerk

Lord Richard of Salesberie (Rick Williams)
email: Email the Signet Clerk

Web Minister

Lady Sela de la Rosa
email: Email the Web Minister

Social Media Minister

Henric vanden Casteele
email: Email the Social Media Minister