fFair Rhaglen XV

2-11 August at Raglan Castle, Wales

Greetings to the populace,


We know you are all eagerly anticipating news of whether we will be able to play in Raglan Castle for the 15th year running and we are pleased to officially announce:

Raglan Fayre XV

Raglan Castle, Mynydd Gwyn

2nd August 2019 - 11th August 2019

Event information and booking will follow very shortly. Before that happens, there will be a few changes we need to make in order for the event to be able to go ahead.

Historically, we have been very fortunate in that CADW have waived the site fee in exchange for increase in foot fall when we are at the castle. Currently many organisations are undergoing huge financial strain and unfortunately CADW is not exempt from this predicament. As a result, they have changed their financial policy in regards to the hire fee of admission charging sites such as Raglan and Tretower.

What does this mean for us? To go forward with the event we will be subject to a hire cost that we have not had to budget for in previous years and we will have to:

  • Increase the event fee
  • Have sufficient numbers attending
  • Money will have to be taken with bookings
  • Have a firmer cancellation policy (further details will be available on booking)
  • Close the event on the second Sunday to help reduce costs
  • No longer offer Beers / Pies* as part of the site token

*Sorry, Yannick**

**And Yannick did suffer.

We are hoping to offer the beer at an additional cost for those that are interested and as it is the 15th year of the event, we are also looking to offer people the chance to purchase memorabilia.

Please know that your event staff are working hard to make the event possible this year and going forward we need your understanding and patience. We are trying to make it as affordable and cost effective as possible.

Yours In Service,

Raglan XV Event Team