Insulae Draconis awards - The Award of Arms

Congratulations! If you have been called up in Court, and the royals have presented you with an Award of Arms (AoA).

Your correct title is now Lord or Lady in the Society.

Awards of Arms are important: they are often the first award someone receives. Generally speaking, you get it when you’re active, playing, and contributing posititvely to the Society in your area. The folks around you have noticed, and appreciate your efforts. It’s the way the Society says thank you for taking part.

In Insulae Draconis (and the kingdom of Drachenwald we are part of), this award is not linked to having permission to display a coat of arms. It’s easy to confuse the two. And be aware that Other Kingdoms Do Things Differently (tm).

But happily, here you can start thinking about a cool medieval name and design for your own heraldry as soon as you join and decide you’re enjoying yourself. In Drachenwald, if you have a great armorial design, you are welcome to paint, sew, or embroider as many versions of your arms as you like, regardless of awards.

See Registering a personal name and device (arms) for more information.

There’s many heralds across Insulae Draconis, whose idea of a good time is to help newcomers design cool arms, and find a medieval name that suits them. Ask within your local group, or on the newsgroup or FB page nearest you.

Well done - keep up the good work!