A&S reports - what they are, and where they go

What every artisan needs to know about reports

Most of the artisans of Insule Draconis work on projects even when we are away from events or official practices. A lot of that work might never be seen by other people, either through lack of opportunity, shyness, or just plain not seeing very many people often enough. As a Society we want to make sure people hear about the work that is being done all around our Kingdoms, and to plan for ways that artisans can come together to teach and learn, to display and compete. We encourage all our artisans to send a list of the projects and research they have worked on every quarter to their local Minister of Arts and Sciences.

I am my Shire’s Minister of Arts and Sciences, what do I do

We have a guide available to help you out!

When are they due?

Reports are due quarterly in January, April, July and November. There is a special emphasis on the January ‘Doomsday’ report.