fFair Rhaglen XIV

August 3rd - 13th at Raglan Castle, Wales

Raise now your standards, good folk of the Worlde,
And into the wind send your banners unfurled!

Gather your household, and bid them to heed,
Let none of them hinder this message’s speed;

A wave of great gladness these tidings give,
News of tents and of tourney: Raglan Fair lives!

Announcing Ffair Rhaglen XIV!

When: 3rd-13th August 2018
Where: Raglan Castle, Wales
Steward: Amphelise de Wodeham (Christine Woodhams)
Deputy Steward: Eleanor of Dovebridge (Leanne Smith)
Marshals and additional officers will be announced soon.

Come and enjoy ten days of camping, fighting, fencing, archery, A&S and merrymaking in the grounds of the beautiful Raglan Castle!


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Fees are based on the number of days you are present on site. Fees for those staying off-site are reduced.
  • Single day only: 10 GBP for an adult and 2.50 GBP for a child aged 5-16 years.
  • 2-5 days: 20 GBP for an adult and 5 GBP for a child aged 5-16 years. (15 GBP and 2.50 GBP off-site)
  • 6-11 days: 40 GBP for an adult and 10 GBP for a child aged 5-16 years. (30 GBP and 5 GBP off-site)
Family cap: 100 GBP for up to two adults and any number of under-16s sharing a tent; 80 GBP for family groups staying off-site.

Children under 5 years go free.

After 20th July a late booking fee of 5 GBP will be added to adult multi-day rates (no change to single day or child rates).

We ask UK residents to please pay in advance to confirm their booking. Payments can be made in advance by cheque or bank transfer - please ask the reservations steward for the details. Non-UK guests, please send travel details (for example, flight or ferry reservations) as soon as possible to confirm your booking.

Cancellation Policy

Attendance may be cancelled up to two weeks before booking closes with no penalty. Attendance may be cancelled between two weeks and one week before booking closes, but half the booked price must be paid. Attendance cancelled after one week before booking closes will incur full costs. Cancellation emails should be sent to the reservation steward as early as possible.


Raglan Castle (no street address), Raglan, Monmouthshire, NP15 2BT, UK

Site opens 2 pm Friday 3rd August and closes 12 noon on Monday 13th August. This is a period site and has limited facilities (no showers, no kitchen). The site is non-smoking and discreetly wet. Dogs are permitted.

Accommodation is camping only. If you prefer to stay off-site, there are a number of hotels and B&Bs in Raglan village and the vicinity. Please note that due to limited space on site, we will not be allocating tent space to commercial tents, and may need to restrict the number of storage/communal tents.

Important Notice

With the ongoing very dry conditions, it is likely that the fire danger at Raglan will be much higher this year than in previous years. Not only will the grass at the castle be at risk, the surrounding fields are likely to be extremely vulnerable to grass fires, and it would only take a very minor mistake for a catastrophic situation to develop.

  1. The ground beneath fire boxes, braziers etc must be kept damped down at all times while the fire is lit or the box is hot. Please keep adequate water on hand to prevent the ground from becoming dry.
  2. Anyone using flame of any sort (candles, fire boxes, etc) must have a bucket of water on hand at all times while the fire is lit or the equipment is hot. We will also be stationing water buckets behind tents at intervals throughout the camp. Please ensure that you pack an appropriate bucket!
  3. Fires that are causing significant quantities of sparking or embers must be brought under control or extinguished immediately.
  4. No fire or flame may be left unattended for ANY length of time, nor left in the charge of a minor.
Please help us to protect the site and its surrounds by being observant of the above fire safety rules.


The nearest train stations are Newport (Gwent) which is a 25-minute drive and Abergavenny station which is 11-minute drive. Both are served by taxis. There are also buses serving Raglan village. Access to site is between 9:30am and 11pm. Overnight access is only in the event of an emergency. Please ensure your travel arrangements will allow you to reach the castle during that time.

Occupancy Cap

Please note that CADW regulations mean that only 120 people can stay on-site per night. This includes children and infants. As we approach the cap, we will be making announcements with the number of places remaining. In the event that we receive more bookings than the cap, we will operate a waiting list. Please note that there is no limit to the number of people who can stay off-site.


Food is self-catering. To cook food on site, all fires must be raised off the ground by at least 10cm with trays underneath to catch embers and sufficient damping/barriers to prevent scorching the earth. Do not disturb or remove the turf.
There is a cafe 5-10 minutes' walk from the castle. Raglan village is a brisk 15-minute walk from the castle, with shops, pubs and other food outlets; Newport and Monmouth are a short drive away and have larger supermarkets and restaurants.

Event Staff

Camp coordinator:- Caitriona of the Ravens Email Camp Coordinator
Reservations steward: - Sarah Ashton Email Reservations steward
Heavy Marshal - Agnes des Illes Email Heavy Marshal
Fencing Marshal - Gwenllian verch Andras Email Fencing Marshal
Archery Marshal - Alana Utteritch Email Archery Marshal
A&S Steward - Kytte of the Lake Email A&S Steward
Herald in Charge- Aryanhwy merch Catmael Email Herald in Charge
Bailiff of the Market- Aodh O Siadhail Email Bailiff of the Market
Children's Steward- HRH Isabel Peregrinus Email the Children's Steward