Insulae Draconis awards

The Principality of Insulae Draconis has five awards; covering combat in all forms (the Order of the Fox), the Arts & Sciences (the Order of the Silver Martlet), Service (the Order of Ffraid), overall Excellence and Example (the Order of the Sun and Chalice) and Courtesy (the Order of Robin). All five of the awards have had their names passed by the College of Heralds.

In the  early days of the Crown Principality, Crown approval was granted to form ‘Companies of Merit’, memberships of which would be given unto those of the populace whose work and activities warrant recognition. These memberships would be granted at a Principality court and the memberships accepted duly recognised there.  Now the actual award Order names have been approved by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms for the Society, the members of the Companies have become founding members of the corresponding Orders, and the Companies dissolved thereafter.  Those who have membership in the Companies of Merit or Orders may be found by searching the Order of Precedence.

The separate Orders have been created as follows:

  • The Order of the Sun and Chalice (for Excellence and Example)
  • The membership of this Order are unique as they are thought to exemplify all the things in the Society to which we should aspire. This includes excellence in representing their persona, ability in skills displayed, courtesy, grace and guidance to those in need. Although this Company holds no precedence above the other companies this membership can be though of as a resource of the Coronet to be consulted if wished on various topics regarding the sure governance of our lands for the Crown of Drachenwald.

  • The Order of Robin (for courtesy)
  • This Order was named in memory of Lord Robin Bowman of Dalriada – an ever-courteous and helpful individual, and premier of this Order.  Those member of this Order exemplify the courteous gentle of the Society, such courtesies arising at all opportunities, and to all gentles.

  • The Order of the Silver Martlet (for the arts and sciences)
  • This Order’s membership have been recognised for their skills in the diverse Arts and Sciences utilised within the Society; ranging from brewing to calligraphy, from embroidery to metalwork. Skill levels, a willingness to assist others by teaching or other forms of assistance and courtesy of behaviour are all factors in this membership.

  • The Order of the Fox (for combat arts)
  • This Order’s membership have been recognised for their skills in some or all of the fields of heavy combat, fencing, target or combat archery and thrown weapons. As well as recognising levels of skill, both existing and emerging; it also represents those willing to teach others, thus broadening the roster of participants in that field and those who show courtesy both on and off the field.

  • The Order of Ffraid (for service)
  • This Order’s membership have been recognised for their service to the Society and Insulae Draconis in particular. This service will be, as usual, given without thought of reward but purely for the betterment of our enjoyment of our Current Middle Ages. As with all the other Companies and orders courtesy of behaviour is a factor when membership is being deliberated on.
    </ul> You may recommend anyone of the populace for membership of the Principality Orders, or for any of the other Kingdom or Society awards, links for this are on the main page. For a recommendation, please provide your name, their name, which award you are recommending them for, and why, in order to help their Majesties or their Highnesses make decisions as to new members of the Orders.