Insulae Draconis awards - The Award of Arms

Congratulations! If you have been presented in Court with an Award of Arms (AoA) you have earned the right to be known as a Lord or Lady in the Society and you can now display your device (coat of arms) if you have chosen one. Many members are spurred on to create a device after receiving the award, not least because there is often a little blank shield on the award scroll for the express purpose of allowing it to be included at a later date. The Award of Arms is the first award that most SCA members receive.

AoAs can be given for different reasons but re usually for service in some area, skill on the field, or in the arts and sciences. Generally speaking, the AoA award is given to members after they’ve proved that they’re serious about participating in the SCA, so be assured this means that people have noticed you and appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work!